Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23, 2006 ... part 2!

OK... I'm back... and here to post a few more pictures of my altered book. The last two pictures I posted feature recipe card pull-outs... the first one has a library pocket, and inside is a card with tea time recipes on it. The second one has a tag with a recipe for chocolate tea bread. Here is a better view of the left side of the second set of pages... without the tag.

This is the last set of pages....

Here's the back cover....

Here is a scan of the cover with the ribbon tied... I made the tassels too!

Anyway... so that's it, my first real altered book. Even if it's not really, technically an altered book, at least, not an altered EXISTING book. I've found it's somehow easier to alter the blank books than it is to alter an existing, published, printed book. I'll get over this though. I will!!!

Thanks for reading along!


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