Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18, 2006: 1:06 am

Yeah, it's early... I'm kind of a night owl. I have a couple of updates that I wanted to post here...

Back on the shelves:
*My sampler tins are back in stock. I have a limited quantity of them, but they're here! I'll be posting them to my website soon, keep an eye out for them. Click here to access my website.

Out of stock:
*Momoko Melon ~ I will probably have this restocked by the end of July at the latest. This is my favorite iced tea, so I don't think I could be without it too long!
*Storage Tins ~ These were supposed to be in the same crate with my sampler tins, but were not. I probably won't get these in now until the end of July. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Of interest (possibly):
*I've been working on a new berry blend. I've been working on this blend for some time now (by request of a favorite customer of mine who wanted a nice mixed berry blend), but you know me, I'm not very easy to please when it comes to the right flavors for my teas. I think this is a good thing. :)

*I'm also looking for the best darjeeling I can find. I've been sampling several different varieties from several different estates... I hope to have decided upon one soon.

OK... so that's all the updates for now. Thanks for catching up with me!

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