Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Well, it's not my recipe, exactly. In Portland, OR, there is an awesome little food cart called the Grilled Cheese Grill. And, they have a sandwich there that is called The Jaime. And... this is truly the most sinful, decadent, delicious sandwich I have ever tasted in my life.

Since I can't go to the Grilled Cheese Grill as often as I'd like to, I decided to gather the ingredients of The Jaime and try to build one for myself... and my own version is quite like the original.

Here's the ingredients:

  • Cinnamon Bread - I like the Cinnabon bread with raisins... but it can be rather spendy. Really, any cinnamon bread will suffice, I prefer it with raisins... and it's been a while since I've been to the Grilled Cheese Grill so I can't even remember if they use Cinnamon Raisin bread for their sandwich or not. But it's really good with the raisins!
  • Marscapone Cheese
  • Banana
  • Nutella Spread
Yeah... just reading the ingredients makes my mouth water!

So, here's how you assemble it. I start by sauteing the banana. I slice it thin and saute it in butter until it's really loose and golden brown. After it's golden brown and delicious, I remove it from the pan and mash it up.

Take two slices of bread and spread marcapone cheese on both sides (you don't want to go too heavy on your spread otherwise it will be rather messy when you grill your sandwich). Then, spread a thin layer of Nutella on one slice and a thin layer of mashed, sauteed banana on the other. Then, I sprinkle one side with cinnamon toast spice, which I buy here.

Close the sandwich. Melt a pat of butter in a hot skillet, place the sandwich in the skillet and grill it the same way you'd grill a grilled cheese. When the sandwich is golden brown and delicious, devour with reckless abandon.

Make yourself a cup of tea, and Enjoy! But be warned... these are extremely addictive.

I've even made these using my regular "go to" bread (which is Dave's Killer Bread, my newest favorite is the Good Seed variety, and you can read my review of this bread here) and it is really good with that bread too... and, I've even made it when I'm out of marscapone cheese... just nutella and banana - and it's really good like that too.



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