Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've been neglecting my tea journal... and I'm very sorry for those of you who actually read this thing! The past few months have been really nuts for me. We had to move from our house earlier this month because the owners (we were renting) sold the house. It was something that came pretty much out of left field for us, totally unexpected, and having to find a place and move within 30 days isn't always easy, especially when you want to stay in the same town! Here in Ridgefield, rental house availability is a feast or famine situation... either there are a lot of houses available or there are very few! Well, unfortunately for us, there were very few, so we had to settle for a smaller house, but, at least we've got a roof over our heads, right?

The best thing about our new house is that we have a nice size garage that I'm going to be able to turn into an art studio, so I'm excited about that.

If having to move from our house wasn't enough craziness for us, right before the move, my husband was hospitalized for kidney failure. Fortunately, he pulled through it well and is doing really good now, but he had to be in the hospital for 9 days, including the days that the major part of the move took place.

Want more craziness? Ha! I've only just begun! My computer hard drive died and then I went in to negotiations with my server to get my domain back from them. So that's why you can't find my site! I hope to get it back up and running soon, but in the meantime, if you need teas, be sure to contact me via email. I'll get you hooked up!

With all this stress, I've hardly had time to focus on the things I really love (tea and art, of course!) I've fallen very behind on everything and for that I apologize sincerely! I hope to get everything back up to normal and running smoothly as soon as possible, not just for you... BUT for me!!!

Thanks for reading!

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