Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wow... I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted on my blog! I'm really sorry (for those of you who actually read this thing!) but I've been really busy working on 'zines. Since I last posted, I've published 4 'zines, 3 for various swaps I've been in, and 1 is my full-scale 'zine. The 'zine is currently being assembled, which takes a lot of time, so that is why I haven't been here blogging much.

To the left is my first attempt at a zetti-ish artwork, and also my first attempt at an art doll. I think she turned out ok. I made her for one of my aforementioned 'zines... the "Popcorn Issue." I made this 'zine for the 'Zine Pool swap that ended September 30th. I thought the little clapperboard that I used for this doll was really neat and I wanted to do some sort of project that highlighted this alterable item. (I also included one of these clapperboards -- not the finished doll -- just the clapperboard -- as a freebie goodie in the 'zine)

Tea-wise ... I have a great deal to report! My Masterpiece Chai is finally back in stock! Another tea that is back in stock (in limited quantities!) is my Sweet Caramel O'Mine. These two teas are my best sellers!

To the right is one of my newest additions to my inventory --tea gift bags! These bags are lovingly handmade, with vintage materials such as ivory satin, ribbons and beads. The picture simply does not do these bags justice, they really are beautiful.

These bags are available on my Tea Time Gift page.

Other great additions to my inventory include J&M Tea Cookies... these are so good. They are light and delicious, and simply melt in your mouth.

Well... I don't have a lot to report this time around, mostly because my mind is on my 'zine and assembly... which I need to return to now~

Thanks for reading along!

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