Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going Out Of Business Sale - part 2!

OK... I've decided to change things up just a little bit on my going out of business sale. I wanted to make it nice and simple, so here goes:

Everything is available currently in tins. I'm nearly out of the refill bags, and I will probably go back to them after the tins are gone, but for now, let's focus on the tins.

All products in my Artfire Tea Shop!

All 4-ounce Tins are just $10.00 - including shipping! (that's right, shipping is FREE)
All 2-ounce Tins are just $ 7.50 - including shipping!

This offer is available only while supplies last. I'm not planning on restocking!

Also... here is the low-down on a few customer favorites:

Earl Grey Creme: as I type this, I have only one 4 ounce tin of Earl Grey Creme, and one 2 ounce tin of Earl Grey Creme.

Breakfast in Bed: as I type this, I have only three 4 ounce tins of Breakfast in Bed, and one 4 ounce tin of Breakfast in Bed.

Thank you to everyone for your support!


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Friday, July 02, 2010

Going Out Of Business Sale!

Yep... it's official!

Well, it was official a few months ago when I first announced it...

But now it's really official, complete with a "Going Out Of Business" sale!

All of my remaining teas have been priced to move! Be sure to check out my Artfire Tea Shop and see what I mean!

Also, for a limited time only (I don't actually have a time limit on this, but it is limited to stock on hand as I won't be restocking!) - if you purchase a 4 oz. tin of Potpourri Green Tea, you'll receive a 2 oz. tin filled with the tea of your choice - absolutely FREE! Just use coupon code FREETIN in the coupon code at checkout. (it doesn't have to be in all caps, but, it should be typed out as one word with no spaces)

Potpourri Green Tea

You should also either email me (or convo me via artfire), or leave me a seller's note either at the Artfire checkout or the Paypal checkout to let me know which free tea you want!

My Potpourri Green Tea is fantastic! It is a blend of Chinese Green Teas, jasmine, rose, laurel and lemon myrtle. The result is in a tea that is sweet, floral and so luxurious! I enjoy this tea hot or iced!

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