Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14, 2006: 11:20 am

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last journal entry, so I figure it's definitely time to update it, and everyone who reads it! :) I was away from the 'tea cupboard' for about a week, but I'm back now and ready to serve you!

For everyone who has been keeping up with my happenings:

*As I posted previously, Red Velvet is in stock... and it is NEARLY sold out! So if this is one of those you've been meaning to try, I recommend you order some right away! It is June's tea of the month, so it's available at a special discounted price! This is one of my favorites for hot weather, because it's so refreshing served iced! Yum! To order or to learn more about Red Velvet Tisane, click here.

*My Earl Grey Creme is back in stock!

*My Sweet Caramel O'Mine is back in stock too! This one is one of my very best sellers -- so you better get it now while the gettin's good! I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to restock this one after my current supply is gone...

*Shangri-La is finally ready for shipment! For all you tea of the month club members, your May and June teas will be shipped out together (Shangri-La for May, and Red Velvet for June), and will be going out this week! This is a truly unique blend -- perfect for the warmer weather that's ahead! It's so delightful when served iced!

*Starry Night is also finally back in stock! This one is a very popular green rooibos blend that I've found to be nearly impossible to keep stocked! As soon as I get it back on my shelves, it's sells out! Hey... I'm not complaining!

*Chocolate Rose Romance is back in stock! Another popular blend!

*Liberteas Breakfast Blend is in stock, but I have a very limited quantity!! I won't be blending this one until next month at the soonest, so if you want some of this... you better get it now!

Here are a couple of other updates:

*Candy Shoppe will be ready for shipment around June 22nd.

*Honeybush with Vanilla will also be ready for shipment around the same time!

Well, that's all for my updates for now! Thanks for catching up with me!

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