Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pumpkin Muffin Mix from Stonewall Kitchens

OK, so I don't talk about a lot of mixes on this blog, mostly because I do prefer the taste of "from scratch" -- but hey, I do live in the real world, and sometimes (ok, most of the time!) I don't have the time or the inclination to start baking something from scratch. Enter convenience mixes.

However, rarely is a mix so good that I feel like writing about it on my blog. This mix is the exception.

The muffins are moist and delicious, and rich with pumpkin flavor. The customary spices are also detectable (most notably, I can taste some cinnamon and some ginger). Yes, these are very, very good. But not exceptional.

That is, until you get to the crumb topping!
What really rocks these muffins is the maple crumb topping.

Sure, you could bake these muffins without the crumb topping ... I guess. But why? To save a few calories and sugar grams. Yeah, you might save some of those, but, you'd be losing a lot of flavor on these muffins.

The maple flavor of the crumb topping is not monumentally strong - it is a pleasant maple presence that compliments the pumpkin flavor perfectly.

My one complaint... the mix only makes 6 muffins.

These go great with that morning cup of tea and is total bliss when served with my Breakfast in Bed tea! And right now, at their website, Stonewall Kitchen has the mix on sale! Yum!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yay! Back in Stock!

Greetings Everyone!

Well, it's a little late for guaranteed by Christmas delivery (I can do my best though!) but, my best sellers are BACK IN STOCK!

Please note that the links I've provided for the following are direct links to the items in my Artfire Tea Shop. These items are also available in my Etsy shop and 1000Market Shop, if you prefer to shop at either of these venues.

Chocolate Rose Romance: This has been a big seller, especially now that the chilly weather has set in. The rich, chocolate flavor of this chocolate melds perfectly with my selected black tea leaf. Yes, there are other chocolate teas out there, but you won't find one that rivals my creamy, decadent flavor.

mmmm... Chocolate Rose Romance, my favorite!

LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend: Yes, there's a story behind this one... I created this blend several years ago after having carried a delightful English Breakfast blend in my shop, and realizing that it just felt weird to be selling an English Breakfast tea in a shop that I call LiberTEAS! So, I went about creating my own, exclusive blend. This tea is rich and brisk, with just a touch of creamy vanilla. A perfect tea to serve at breakfast ... or anytime!

Breakfast in Bed: I fear that some people might confuse this tea (or the name of this tea) with my Breakfast blend. Rest assured, they are two totally different teas. My Breakfast Tea is a robust blend of rose scented teas, flavored gently with vanilla and tossed with cinnamon chips for just a delicately sweet touch of cinnamon. This is the tea you'll want to linger over!

Earl Grey Creme - smooth and creamy!

Earl Grey Creme: Another best seller. I love my Earl Grey Creme because it offers a lovely Ceylon base, scented with bergamot, and lightly flavored with vanilla cream. It's a fresh, delightful twist on a classic favorite tea.

Well, that's about all for now. I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season!!!


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

News from LiberTEAS

Greetings Everyone!

Some of you may have been browsing through one of my shops, and have noticed that a few teas are missing from the "shelves" -- currently, I'm out of stock of LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey Creme, Breakfast in Bed and Chocolate Rose Romance.

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting these teas to return... I wanted to let you up to date with the latest information:

Breakfast in Bed: This will ready for shipment this weekend! I will be adding it to the stores tomorrow afternoon, but any orders for the tea won't be shipped until Monday (12/14/09) afternoon.

Earl Grey Creme, Chocolate Rose Romance & Breakfast Blend: These three will all be ready to ship by next Friday (12/18/09). If you want one (or more) of these teas and would like to pre-order yours, you may contact me and I will set up a special listing for you, and your tea will be shipped on Friday afternoon. For US shipments, if they are shipped via Priority Mail, this will still allow just enough time for Christmas delivery.

Also out of stock: My sampler tins! These won't be restocked until February. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience.

Thanks for catching up with me, and your support over the years... I have truly appreciated it.


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