Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25, 2006: 11:54 am

As I think I may have mentioned before, I lost a contact lens... I hate not being able to see. For whatever reason, I don't have as much trouble using the computer as I do doing other daily tasks, such as cooking or washing dishes... LOL! Some may think it's just me not wanting to do those things, but I think it actually has something to do with the fact that the computer screen is illuminated, and since I do have a mild case of night blindness, the light definitely helps with my vision.

Anyway, I have a few updates concerning tea:

Chocolate Rose Romance: will be ready to sell on June 2nd.
Sweet Caramel O'Mine: A slight delay in this one, it will be ready June 9th.
LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend: A very small batch will be ready June 2nd.
Honeybush with Vanilla: Will be ready June 9th.
Earl Grey Creme: Will be ready June 9th.
Starry Night: Will be ready June 9th.
Shangri-La: Will be ready June 9th.
Candy Shoppe: Will be ready June 30th.

I'm sorry about the delays on some of these... I had hoped they'd be ready for shipment on May 31st, but after a quick sampling last night of these, I realize they need some extra time.

Regarding After Dinner Mint... I am not sure that I'll be restocking this one, at least not for the time being. Perhaps when the cooler weather begins again in the fall, I'll be more in 'the mood' for this desert beverage, and I'll bring it back. If, in the meantime, you just CAN'T WAIT for it, please email me and let me know! I like to hear from the customers to know what you guys think of everything.


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