Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20, 2006: 1:54 pm

Ack! I've lost my contact lens. I guess I should have prefaced that by saying, without some sort of vision aid, I can't see very well... I'm currently hunched over the comp screen to read it... with the screen about 2 inches in front of my face.

So... needless to say, I need new glasses... wanna help me get them? visit my website, purchase at least 25 dollars in tea and other stuff, and get a 25% discount on your total order, just use the coupon code "newglasses" in the coupon field at check out, and 25% will be deducted from your final order. This offer is only valid through May 26th.

Anyway... I guess I should be glad that ... if I had to lose my contact, I lost it now, instead of say, a couple of days ago... when I was going nuts finishing up two projects. I finished them before losing the contact, I'm glad to report! Want a sneak peak at what I've been working on? Here ya go......
This is an altered tea tin. I first sent it to an artist (Anne-Marie Richardson) in Australia, who added the wool papers. She did it in a pattern to represent the sea, mountains, soil and meadow. Then she sent the tin to an artist (Crystal Calhoun) in Florida, who added a wool fiber palm tree and the shells. Then she sent it to me, and I added the heron (porcelain air-dry clay) and the tree, as seen in the photo to the right.

The tree is a little hard to see with the lighting... but because it's dimensional so it's very prominient in the finished piece. Also, the leaf bunches on the trees were done with wool fibers. I also finished the lid with batik paper and porcelain tea leaves, and a sun charm. I really like the finished product... it's very nice. :)

I'll be including tea with the tea tin when it's purchased at my etsy store. (Note: It's not added to the store just yet, it will be up there a little later today though!) The teas that will be included are my new Namaste Chai (Fair Trade, 100% organic), Ming Jasmine (A sample of this tea I obtained for this project), and my Heron's Sanctuary tisane. Also included as a bonus will be an altered book style journal of the trials and tribulations of this project written from the tin's perspective.

The second project I've worked on is a 'zine!

This is the cover of the 'zine. (front and back outer cover). The paper is handmade by Crystal Calhoun and hand drawn by Ria Seaton. The title plates were created by Amber Dawn Goldish-DeLaCruz (BeauIdeal Zine), and I bound the zines with macrame knotting using hemp fibers). This 'zine is amazing... 7 articles written by 7 different artists, with different interests... it has a little something for every artist out there!!!

This was printed in limited quantities (Only 16 are available for sale) so my recommendation is to buy one AS SOON AS IT'S LISTED because it will go FAST!

Well... so that's what I've been working on... neato...huh?


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