Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6, 2007

Hi Everyone:

Yep, well, I'm behind on everything right now! I've not worked on a new newsletter (sorry!)... and I really need to. I guess I'll work on that right after I'm finished posting this journal entry. I do have a few tea updates, but first a few words about what I've been up to... in case anyone's interested.

My postage scale died late last week. This makes it very difficult to send out packages, since I need it to be able to actually prepare my packages for mailing. Oh sure, I suppose I could just take them down to the post office the old fashioned way, but, that really leaves much to be desired from my business end of things, since I then loose the ability to track the packages with simplicity. :( So being the stubborn being that I am, I must have another scale.

Fortunately, I do have another scale.... it's just buried amongst my art supply rubble in my studio (aka the garage). So... that's what I've been up to since Friday... I've been working on organizing my studio space so that I can actually move about in there... also, it's a very necessary thing since we're getting a new dryer in next week and we'll need to wheel it in to the garage... which would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do in it's current state.

Anyways, I should be finished with the art supply portion of the garage by Friday, and then the rest of the garage will be finished by Sunday, so that on Monday we can do the dryer thing.

Now... on to the tea time updates!

I'm currently 'sold out' of my T-Sacs, as some of you probably have noticed. I will be getting them back in next week, probably on Wednesday. Sorry for the delay on those, but since I have a minimum order for the supplier on those, I couldn't order them until I needed other things from them and had room to store those other things.

I will also have my storage tins back in stock at the same time.


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've been blending my Creamy Irish Breakfast Blend. This tea will be available for sale in LIMITED quantities beginning February 19th. I only make one batch of this tea every year, and it goes FAST... so if you're wanting it... you better get it while it's here! Once it's gone, it's gone for a whole year!

I've also finally reached a decision about a Jasmine Green tea. I absolutely adore jasmine green teas, especially the pearl type teas. About a year and a half ago, I discovered a fabulous jasmine green tea that was 'knotted' rather than rolled into tiny balls. The jasmine flavor of this knotted tea is far more pronounced than that of the jasmine pearls. Unfortunately, the tea is also quite a bit more costly than the pearls, which are also costly, so that was definitely something I had to take into consideration when making this decision. So... I've decided to carry the Knotty Jasmine tea to see how it sells... if it sells well, I will make it part of my permanent tea line. I will have the Jasmine Knots available for sale late next week, so watch for them!

also... just a little bulletin for my Tea of the Month Club members... I'll be sending you a freebie gifty of the jasmine knots... it's my belated holiday gift to you! :) I was on back order from my supplier for these knotty little knots!

Anyway, that's all for now... thanks for reading along!

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