Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Whole New Domain ... and Blog!

Hello Everyone!

Earlier this week, I secured the domain for I hope to eventually start a basic website where I can talk about 'zines & my art... and sell my 'zines & art. But for now, it's just a forwarding URL which will redirect you to my tea website.

To go along with the new domain, I thought that I would secure the blogspot too. So now, the task at hand is to refocus this blog to make it a tea journal -- less about my art and more about my tea... and the new blog will be about my artistic & 'zine-istic endeavors.

So... let's start talking about tea!

Tomorrow, my creamy Irish Breakfast will be ready to roll!

I missed this tea! It's so good!

I will also soon have Jasmine Knots in stock. I am still considering how I might package these... right now I'm thinking I'll just sell them in 1 ounce portions in my small sampler tins. But, that may change!

Anyway, more updates to come!

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