Monday, March 06, 2006

Neglectful me...

Hi there... again, with the neglect. I should be turned in for blog abuse.

But... I think my life is finally settling to the point where I can feasibly set myself a goal of updating on a regular basis.

As some of you may have noticed, I no longer have an accessable website. This is because I am working on a new site. It will be up and running within a couple of weeks, and of course, I'll update you when that happens. I will have an all new (more reliable and cost efficient) server, and an all new look on the website. I hope that the changes are agreeable!

Another change that has occured as a result of the aforementioned change in server, is a change in URL. My previous server was unrelenting in the release of my domain, so I will have a different URL and then when the old domain is available again, I'll obtain that and have it forwarded to the new site.

Because of everything going on, it's set me back on a lot of projects that I had planned, and a lot of things that people have been waiting on... and I'm terribly sorry about that. I'm nearly caught up though, and I feel really good about that. Things are definitely on the upswing. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they remain that way!

What's new in the land of LiberTEAS? Well, if I haven't mentioned it before, I finally have finished/perfected and blended my first batch of LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend. This is a very complex blend of teas. Most breakfast blends are a blend of broken Assams and Ceylons, mine is a blend of high grown Ceylons, Whole and Broken Assams, Niligiris and Yunnans. I've also added a touch of African Honeybush and vanilla to round out and smooth the flavors of these exceptionally unique tea flavors. This tea is a delight to all the senses!

To accompany my Breakfast Blend, I've also created a uniquely different Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend. This is not merely a decaffeinated attempt at the regular blend; rather, my Decaf LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend possesses it's own, unique flavors and characteristics that stands on it's own. This tea is amazingly satisfying... you won't miss the caffeine!

Both teas are absolutely incredible and must be experienced to be believed!

What else have I been up to? Well... in time for St. Patrick's day, I created a sublime Creamy Irish Breakfast Blend. I blended very limited quantities of this tea, and it has already sold out! Ahhh... but it is delicious! Be sure to check back with me next year for a new batch!

And... I haven't been blending only black teas recently... I've also been working on some unique Oolong and Green tea blends, as well as an amazing herbal Tisane.

The first I'll talk about is my new herbal tisane. This one I only have limited quantities of at the moment, because I wasn't sure of the result! I was just kind of messing around one day at the tumbler and I concocted this amazing tisane of lemongrass and mint. It's got a zesty fragrance that is enticing and the flavor is lively and invigorating and oh! so! good!

Unfortunately, I've yet to concoct a name that I'm satisfied with... so for now, it's known as "My New Tisane with No Name" ha!!!

The second blend is a green and black tea blend that I have called Shangri-la! It's another tea that simply defies explanation... it's one that must be experienced. So amazingly good.

The final blend is a blend of Oolong tea and sweet summer melon flavors. I was skeptical at first, because I simply adore Oolong tea and it's naturally occuring sweet fruitiness... and I wasn't sure how it would pair with the flavor... but, it is very good. The melon flavor is not overwhelming, it's subtle and dreamy!

Well... that's all for now, I've got a lot to get done, and the time is ticking away!!!

Thanks for reading along!

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