Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lookie! I'm here!

Incredible! Only two days have lapsed since I last posted to my blog. Let's hope this is the start of a more productive trend.

Not that I've not been productive in the past, just with other things.

I'm FINALLY finished with my 'zines. The last of them are going out tomorrow and Wednesday. It's been a long journey... a very fulfilling and happy one, but still, long! I hadn't anticipated that it would take me so long to complete these.

I've actually been able to focus on other artwork as well. I'm nearing completion a mini-zine for the Gleaner swap, as well as the mini-zine that I'll be submitting for the swap within my own yahoo group.

I've even managed to get involved with a few other art swaps. It felt good to do those, because it had been so long since I've worked on things other than my 'zines. And... of course, I've managed to finish a few decos along the way too!

Well... that's all for now... maybe I'll be able to sign on again in a couple days!


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