Thursday, March 30, 2006

Been Busy!

Hi Everyone!

I've been busy lately... as some of you know, what you now see at my new website is merely temporary. I'm currently setting up a whole new website behind the scenes. I've been truly lucky to find such a good friend in Rebecca -- her website is here -- and she has been helping me with the set up of my new site, from templates to servers to shopping carts! When all is done, I will have an awesome site that will allow for the use of coupons & discounts, have all the bells and whistles and gadgets I want in a site, plus... (and this is most important, at least from my point of view) I'll be able to charge a more accurate amount for shipping!

Right now, I have the paypal shopping cart, and it's great, especially considering it's free. But free does have it's limitations. I can't offer discounts and coupons, and I have to have a flat rate shipping table OR a percentage of sale shipping table. I can't charge according to WEIGHT... which became very problematic, especially when I was selling scones mixes, because while they are not very expensive, they are heavy, so I found myself in a quandry... do I overcharge everyone for their shipping to make up for this, or do I charge more for the scones mixes and potentially lose sales because of the high markup? So, rather than do either of these, I ended up just breaking even on my scones mixes.

Which is one of the reasons I chose to not sell the scones mixes anymore. Another reason is that I really wanted to simplify things. I wanted to focus on my strengths within the tea market, and I feel my strengths consist of blending superior quality teas. My tea blends are uniquely delicious, not your everyday garden variety! I create blends that are stimulating to the senses, not just flavorful, but also delightful to smell and to see! I believe that tea should be a total experience to behold, something that brings joy and exuberance ... not just a casual and almost careless activity.

So, you won't find scone mixes, petit fours, fancy strainers and teaspoons, nor fine china and cast iron teapots at my site. The only accessory available on my site now will be T-Sacs, which I will continue to carry because I use them for my free samples (every purchase 'earns' a free sample!) and also because they are in great demand from my customers.

And of course, you'll find the best tasting tea at my site. But you already knew that!

Well, that's all for now. More changes are afoot with Liberteas... but I will inform you of them as they begin to manifest themselves...

Thanks for reading along!

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