Friday, November 16, 2007

The Return of T-Sacs and Earl Grey!

Happy Autumn, everyone! To be truthful, it's beginning to feel a bit more like Winter than Autumn here in the Pacific Northwest... we've been experiencing some rather chilly weather indeed! Most of the leaves have fallen, although there are a few trees till holding on to their lovely Autumn display for a bit longer... and they're still quite breathtaking!

I do love the "nude" winter look of most trees too, I must admit. I do love to see the line, the curve, the movement of the branches... it's very inspiring to me artistically.

I recently got more T-Sacs in stock! I know that one or two customers were asking about them, I'm going to have to review my archived emails to see who so that I can notify you!

Earl Grey Creme tea will be back in stock within 10 days too!

On a more downbeat note, I've had to take the 3 mini-tin samplers off the website for the time being... Not only will I be offering my sampler tins along side my full size tins at the Artisan's Fair in December, but I am also sending a large quantity of full sampler tins to Rebecca of Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen to offer at her own similar type craft fair. We traded equal amounts of tea to soap... so I'll be selling some of her delicious smelling soaps, and she'll be selling some of my delicious teas! It's a very wonderful arrangement, one I'm very excited about!

But not to worry, sampler fans, I will have the 3 tin sampler back up after the holiday season, if not before! I just need as many tins as I can get my hands on at this point!

Special Requests? Office Gift Giving? I am doing a couple of special requests from customers who want to give their co-workers the gift of tea this Holiday season. I put together little samplers -- like the samples you get with every order -- in a little package, and it makes a wonderful little gift. Pair it with a tea mug from the dollar store and you have a great gift that will remind them of you throughout the year!

Interested? Just email me at and I'll work with you to put together something that will knock their socks off!

The Winter Wonderland tea may be put on haitus for the time being, as I mentioned before. I just can't get the flavor I was hoping for with it... so I'm going to need to work on the recipes a bit more. I did, however, get some pleasing ideas for an Autumn Harvest tea... which with a bit more tweaking of the recipe, I may just have a seasonal offering for Autumn next year!

So, that's all for now. Thanks for reading along! For those of you who catch my newsletter, I'll be posting one within the next day or so with some intriguing offers!


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Your Strawberry Snow tea sounds deliscious!