Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007 10:41 pm

Hi Everyone!

Wow! Did it snow! We don't usually get snow up here... rain... sure, but rarely does it snow. I would say we average maybe one snow per year, and usually it's a light snow that remains a day or two at the most. My kids were out of school all week last week, except for Friday, which was a late start day, because of the snow.

The change in the weather also affected me, leaving me with a cold/flu that just hasn't been much fun to contend with. I think I'm on the mend now though, and able to do a lot more than I was just a couple of days ago.
Which leads me to explain the tardiness in some of the tea of the month packages. I was working on preparation of the tea of the month packages just before the snowstorm hit this way. After that, I wasn't able to trek down to the post office. So, my apologies for the delays, please be assured that your packages WILL be mailed later this week.

On to art related news... I have been working on charm-making as of late. Here are a couple pictures of my first set, which I finished several weeks ago, but only just got around to getting them scanned. I only scanned 3 of the 22 that I made, scanning 22 individual charms just didn't seem like fun to me........

These were all done on guitar picks. I had traded for a bunch of guitar picks about a year and a half ago, but never got around to trying my hand at altering them... so I decided to use them as the base for my charms. The flowers are cut out of German paper scrap, and then I used a gloss lacquer to coat it, and then sealed it with acrylic sealant. Here are a couple more......

As you've probably noticed this one's a bit different. Most of the charms look like this second one, with a flower in the background and a butterfly as the main image, with the word "fly". Only two of them did I make with just a rose.

I'm really happy with the way these turned out. It's funny, when I first started doing these, I thought that they wouldn't be 'enough' with just the rose, that they needed the butterfly and word to complete the collage look... but now that they're all finished, I think I actually prefer the simplicity of the rose picks.

Anyway, so now that they've been 'airing' out for a couple of weeks, I think they're ready to head on out to the swap hostess. I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of the charms sent in from this swap!

So that's all for now!


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Iberostar said...

Love the guitar picks! I never would have thought of using them like that! Hope I get one!

~*Charms 2007*~ said...

Thank you for airing them out!
The swap hostess REALLY appreciates that!
These are beautiful charms Anne!
A great addition to the swap that was *YOUR* idea!

IS your idea?>


Jeri said...

Great charms!!!!!