Sunday, April 17, 2005

April 17, 2005 2:03 pm

I am procrastinating again. I should be working on something creative. How do you avoid procrastination? Is there some trick that I've put off learning?

It's pouring outside right now... it was sunny what seems a few moments ago, and all the sudden I hear this pounding on the window... I look toward the window, and it's pouring down rain. I've failed to notice that the light has gotten considerably dimmer around me.

I love that it's gotten cooler, because it means that I can indulge in hot tea a bit longer. I love my teas iced too, but, there is just something so rewardingly comforting about a hot cup of tea. Plus... I have my favorite mug, which is one of those mugs that has a replica of a painting printed on it... mine has Van Gogh's Starry Night on it. I love this painting. It's not exactly an "iced tea" drinking vessel.

Today, I continue my passion with my potpourri tea... the smell of this tea, both before brewing and after, is just so captivating. I love it.

I finally have a member to my group too! ha! Now we are a group of three... me, myself and my new member, which is someone completely separate from myself. Really, she is. Unless I'm more disturbed than I realize, which is a possibility, although, I think that this being an example of my sickness is unlikely. Unless I've taken to mailing myself blank puzzle pieces to alter. That would be really weird.

By the way, I've started working on the puzzle piece. In case you're wondering.

OK... so I think I might just sign off now, and go create something... the last 2 ATCs that I've completed I've been less than thrilled with, so I may just need to scrap those. which makes me sad. Usually, when I do something that makes me feel dissatisfied, I'm usually able to embellish upon that dissatisfaction and bring the piece in a different direction that I am happy with... but that is just not the case with these two. Oh well.

Look at me, still typing. Hopeless procrastination. Hopeless.

So, I'm really going now.

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