Friday, March 26, 2010

Chocolate Rose Romance - It's Almost Gone!


Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have only 2 (yes, that's TWO) refill packages (approximately 4 ounces each) of Chocolate Rose Romance left. After it's gone, I won't be blending it any more... so if you want some of this amazing tea - you should get it while the getting is good!
This tea is rich, decadent and delicious - it is just perfect to soothe that inner beast that's just craving some yummy chocolate!

Stop by my Artfire Tea Shop to see what else is available!


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Madam Potts said...

darn, i just found out about you, and now you're closing shop. it's not every day you find someone else who goes by the same title of "tea artisan"...

Anne said...

Well, I did see you posting on so we can keep up with each other there! :) I am very interested in having you do a personali-TEA on me very soon... may have to wait until next month though!