Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31, 2008

Good afternoon, and I hope that this new year has been treating everyone quite well!

It's been a while since I've updated my blog on my tea happenings, so I thought it was high time I did so!

What I've been blending:

I have a new batch of my Almond Mocha Mate that will be ready to roll in about a week. I'm looking forward to this batch, because I've missed my mocha flavored fix! As much as I do adore tea, sometimes, I want something with the edge and bite that coffee can deliver, but, unfortunately, coffee and coffee products (like mochas) just do not agree with me! My Almond Mocha Mate is the perfect answer! I get all the flavor and enjoyment that I miss from my favorite mocha flavor from the local coffeehouse, but none of the disagreeable ill-after-effects. I can have my cake and eat it too!

My Red Velvet Tisane should be ready around February 11. This blend combines the flavors of pear and blood oranges to create a sweet, invigorating beverage! I just love it!

Do you suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms, but hate to take the OTC medications that leave you feeling groggy and just... out of it? I developed my Allergi-TEA for people like me, who wanted something to help alleviate those symptoms but didn't leave me feeling half asleep all day! My newest batch will be in stock in about a week.

Other happenings: I have 2 chatsford teapots (6 cup size) available! I will be posting them to the website soon...

That's about it!

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