Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

Hello Everyone:

Just a really quick update to let you know what teas are available (and, I guess, more to the point, which ones aren't!)

Red Velvet: (June's tea of the month) I sold out of this delicious tisane this morning, not sure when I'll be restocking it!

Creamy Irish Breakfast Blend: I have one more package of this left! If this is one that you've been wanting, better get yours NOW! I won't be restocking this one until late next February.

Momoko Melon Oolong: This one is IN now, and ready for shipment. It's the PERFECT tea for this hot weather! It's so deliciously refreshing when served over ice! YUM!

Cherry Almond: This is one is so luxuriously smooth and delightful. Only 1 package left!

Formosa Oolong~Choicest: Is still on special... but not for long! I put this on temporary 'clearance' to help clear out some over-stock... and then it will go back to it's regular price.

So that's all of this update for now. Enjoy!


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