Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday, April 28

Hello Everyone! I can't believe over a month has passed since my last entry!

Here are some updates on what I've been up to in my world of tea:

Red Velvet: My Red Velvet Tisane is back in stock! I apologize for the delay on this one, I was out of one of my ingredients, and it was on back order from my supplier. This is one of my favorite tisanes to enjoy as an iced beverage, so it's perfect with the warm weather that's approaching!

Potpourri: My Potpourri Green tea is also back in stock! This is an amazing tea -- the flavor is just so delightful! Roses, Jasmine, Laurel & Lemon Myrtle are blended with Gunpowder Green tea. These unique flavors blend together so unexpectedly well! The second pot (reusing the leaves) is even more delicious than the first!

I've sold out of a few teas too:

Sweet Caramel O'Mine: Sadly, I don't know if I will be able to restock this one. The company that carried a component of my blend has discontinued it, so I will need to do some additional research to recreate it. With any luck I will have it back in stock by September or October, just in time for a comforting cup of hot tea!

Masterpiece Chai: This one I will not restock until closer to early fall.

Anyway, that's all my updates for now! I hope you are having a tea-lightful day!


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