Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16, 2006; 8:42pm

Hi Everyone!

I've been busy! I've been working on zines mostly, so I don't have a lot to show you, but I did manage to squeeze some time in for a deco!

This deco spread was for Melinda, her deco theme is "mama always said." Since I was never really close to my mother, or my step-mother, I decided to do this spread as a tribute to my beloved Gramma who died in November 2000. I still miss her so much. Here is the spread I did for her:

the right page includes a poem that I wrote called my Gramma. Here it is:

my Gramma

my Gramma always believed in me
even when nobody else did

even when the rest of my family
thought I was a waste

because I didn’t have ambitious
career goals

because I’d find fellowship with a tree
rather than with ‘my own kind’

because I’d rather paint by myself
than be with the family

my Gramma understood this
she understood me
my Gramma loved me
even when I didn’t love myself

a downen


that's all for now!


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