Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 2, 2006: 1:22 am

Yep, a late night again.

I had actually typed out a long blog update earlier today (well, technically, yesterday) but I accidentally deleted it when I attempted to load a pic. Oh well.

So here I am again. I'm going to start with a tea update or two...

First, the tea of the month for July is *STRAWBERRY* ~ and is there really any more perfect tea for the middle of summer than my strawberry tea? In my opinion, no fruit represents the summer more than Strawberries. My tea has just a subtle strawberry flavor ~ a perfect choice for sun-tea brewing or perhaps you'd like to try my new iced tea recipe? It's the easiest way I've found to brew delicious iced tea every time.

Next... I'm sold out of my Liberteas Breakfast Blend, and I will have more in stock by the middle of the month. The same is true for my Chocolate Rose Romance -- although I didn't technically sell out of the Chocolate ~ I've blended a whole new batch because I've improved upon my recipe! A deeper, richer chocolate flavor -- more sinfully delightful goodness in every sip! This is truly a dessert tea worth trying... and with ZERO fat and calories, it's worth a second cup. (Note: the chocolate tea does taste better with just a dash of sugar and a splash of milk... but, even with these additions, the fat and calories are very low!)

I will be updating the blog this coming week with more exciting tea news.

Art updates!

I've been busy at the art table.

This is another centerfold to my upcoming 'zine ~ Discovering the Accidental Artist. As I may have mentioned previously, this is a zine unlike any other I've done, because each is handmade. I typed the text, printed it, and then cut and pasted it in to the pages of the 'zine. Every centerfold is different, making each 'zine a unique, one of a kind booklet.

This is the centerfold for copy #2.

I have really enjoyed working on this 'zine, because it's really challenged me, and also given me a chance to actually just... create art! After the crunch time of the projects that I've been working on, primarily the Sunergos zine, I felt exhausted. I mean, I did enjoy it immensely, however, there were times where I felt like I lost the artist inside me to a machine. So... this 'zine has really helped me get back to the artist within and has re-invigorated my muse!

So, that's all for now... thanks for reading along!

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